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After much deliberation i have decided on the track to use for making the video of the above install.

I am going to go with Michael Jackson Billy Jean. Its a great track with a nice bass line. It's been well recorded and likeable to all.

My video plan is to record the track from both within and outside the car at a set volume using a sound meter. I am thinking 80db internally as this is a level the original system can achieve. I will then record the track with the new speaker in, then with the headunit set up and lastly with the amps installed. Then with a bit of post production jiggery pokery i can splice them all together so you can have a listening comparison.

There is no point going for massive volumes as external microphones will just make it horrid if it goes up to high.

The tracks just over 4 mins long so that means i need to make 8 recordings of 4 mins to give maximum options. The editing will take days and matching them together is not going to be easy.
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