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Hey need help fixing this error, might be outdated daten files or something, idk.
My programs are installed by installing tools v2.11 and then copying any missing files from the files uploaded in bmw programming success thread. Coding looked to be working and then this error popped up:
ERROR! Modul: A_PL2N46.IPS, Proc: AeIndex, LineNr: 275, ErrorNr: 2060
COAPI-2060: coding faulty (general)

>> ERROR! Modul: COAPI2.CPP, Proc: coapiRunCabd, LineNr: 06, ErrorNr: 2060
error pop-up image attached also.

EDIT: Also, could running the car (engine on) while coding this module effect this error? Looked up msv70 and it appears to be engine coding. I can't really code on battery only bc my battery is bad and only stays on for about 2 minutes on accessory...
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