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Originally Posted by Chrisred View Post
Why don't u get the cp-e intercooler as it comes with an additional oil cooler. That's the one I have. Been tracking my car and no limp/heat soak problems.

Stock calipers are good enough. So just buy street/race pads, better brake fluid and stainless steel brake lines.

U definitely need a good coilover. Get TC Kline with camber plates. That's what I have and very happy. Great performance for price and u can pick your spring rate unlike others

I actually have a set of Endless race pads for sale and stoptech ss lines also, as I bought a stoptech BBK for a good price lately. PM me if interested.
Indeed, that was essentially what I set out planning to do, but the wise folks here convinced me that meth is a more interesting option since it opens the door for more power in a rather significant magnitude.

As for coils, see my post above for my position on the topic.

Which Endless pads do you have and how much pad is left on them? I'm leaning towards Carbotech XP16/12's but I'm willing to at least consider other options and I've heard good things about Endless.

Wait, you have an xi- same pad/rotor sizes?