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Originally Posted by ashmostro View Post
Can you talk a little more about why you are against a standalone aquamist, other than the obvious lack of integration (I am aware it has the capability)? Is yours an argument against the efficacy of the Aquamist controller, or simply that you don't recommend a standalone option? If I went standalone, I would plan on running stock boost and timing, etc. Thanks

I don't have plans to lower my car, though I may get my hands on some Koni FSDs or Bilstein adjustable shocks if I have the spare coin. Unless/until I become adequately proficient, I doubt I am skilled enough to benefit from corner weighting so I'm not in the market for coils just yet, and I'm happy with the stock ride height.

As for the M3 bushings, yeah I will probably end up doing that too, but I see that as a stage two or three mod for me. I like to mod in stages and as my skill/awareness of the car increases, so that I can really articulate my need for the mod, and feel the results- that's just me. But, that being said, if the handling is truly horrific because of the soft rubber, I may do it sooner.

My intent for my first outing is to make the car trackable from a thermal stability and safety standpoint. Then I will focus on performance adders as I identify the weaknesses according to my driving style (again, barring truly limiting issues like traction and the case for an LSD).
as for the meth, its basically auto tune that is great. its very plug and play and forget it for me.

also, if you pro-tune and set parameters, you then need to constantly mix your meth/distilled water combination (i did this on 3 audi's and ive promised myself never to do it again).

theres also the cost consideration, an FSB on a jb4 is $80 plus the meth kit (between 400-529 with the fsb). if you are running burger Motorsports or vishnu for that matter, the integration is fantastic, active management, economical, and fantastically useful.

ps ive run FSDs on my audi b7 a4, again ill pass, especially given the cost investment of the kits with springs, and the fact that ST coilovers are what, $1100?

also, the sway bar upgrade for track use should be looked into, imho its a week point in this platform