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Originally Posted by S114HED View Post
It will be virutally impossible to insurance myself on a 3 litre BMW, I'm 22 with 6 points on my licence, even tho my initial intention was to buy a 325i M Sport.

I did check, and to extend the warranty with BMW is around 600 for the year. Which I might be able to haggle with the seller.

That's fair enough mate, I know what it's like trying to insure these car in London. . I owned a 320i e90 a few years ago. I don't mind it to be honest, not much power but I used it as a nice cruiser. Know have the e92 which is nicer, and your one looks lovely. If its what you want and it checks out, why not go for it. (I just thought it was strong money, nd there could be better deals about)

Good luck with any purchase.