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Originally Posted by AWBimmer View Post
^^ Wondering whether or not I've done the right thing by sound deadening the expsosed metal panels is the least of my worries right now I know I've done the right thing by getting the installer to do so.

My worry is that Bluetooth no longer works and I now get the SOS warning light (amber colour) on the speedometer as well as the OBC everytime I start the car!

I've read many threads since this seems to be a recurring problem amongst many and consistently, I've read it's probably the TCU which is soon to be malfunctioning!

My installer shas said today there shouldn't be any lose connections since they went over it throughly so I'm wondering if there's any point in my ripping out the centre dash to get behind the OE HU and seeing of the Green Fibre Optic cable was transferred from the OE harness to Technic Harness (see my build thread for the pic pointed out by Mistryn).

I'm really not sure
Sorry mate, I did not know that you had more worries.

Sam, 80% chances are that your installer hasn't moved the most fiber loop to technics harness. (as suggested by mob and mistryn).

If not, check under the glove box to make sure that connection is in its place.

If both of them are there, then check all the connections of TCU box and if that are safe / correct then check all the most fibers connections in the loop at the top of NSR wheel arch.

And update the outcome on your thread, so we can follow it.