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Throwing Engine Malfunction

2008 335xi 6spd 70,800k miles

Had the car for about 5 months now with not a ton of driving except NY - GA. Since I have been down here in GA ATL area I haven't really been driving the car a whole lot and hardly go through a 1/4 of a tank a week with spirited driving.

After the 15 hour drive down to GA I noticed alot more tapping, not noisy injectors but some real tapping. I just let it sit not really thinking much of it hoping it was just me looking to hear something. For a while now i have noticed alot more wastegate chatter when letting off the gas especially at low rpms and when she is cold.
Car is being brought into Global Imports in Marietta Ga area, are there any questions I should ask or things I should look for myself?

I threw the Engine Malfunction just doing some spirited driving to get my haircut 2 miles from home. Car went into a limp mode had no boost and was just choking. Turned the car off then on and she was good again.