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Originally Posted by Ducati848R View Post
that is correct. there is nothing additional needed for the HD radio to work.
I can, and will do my own search, but since i'm at work and cannot at the time, i figured I'd quickly ask... do you have any idea how hard the coding is for this? Is it something that most experienced coders will know how to do? Is there threads with info on how to code for it already existing?

I dont mind tracking down a coder, my concern is that even if i did, they wouldn't know what the heck to do to get it to work.


also just to confirm, it should have the same functionalities otherwise as my 09's radio... that is, with bluetooth calling (not a2dp audio streaming) --- correct?

I actually really enjoy HD radio here in FL, so I am serious about picking this up after doing some research to ensure I can get it to work.