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How would I go about updatiing the MS-8 firmware?
I've spoken to my installer and he is happy to do recheck all the connections but I don't want to take the car back just yet since I wanted to have a go at calibrating the MS8 first... which is all bloody alien to me!!!!
I thought about going out in the car tonight to calibrate but realised I know next to nothing about it so decided to read more and get to grips more with some of the basics...

BTW, is there any way I can change the crossover settings without actually opening the door trim etc... silly Q I know but anyway through the MS8?

I'm finding the Morel Tweeters to be quite lou in comparison to the Mids so I'm thinking of setting the passive x-over to "0". I have a feeling it could be set to "+3db" or whatever it may be.

I need an RTA in all honesty and someone to show / guide me in how to do this as what I don't want is the "airplane noise of death" lollll...

My installer is very old school in that approach so doesn't know much about the MS8 and my agreement with him was that he simply gets everything connected and working and I'll sort the rest.

So here I am now and I didn't realise I needed to know so much technicalities lol...
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