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Originally Posted by ashmostro View Post
Thanks, I'll have to do some research to understand the meth responses. Will post back here if I have questions.

As for the sways, I was considering Eibach's offering vs the factory M3 setup. Known differences? As the Eibach is not adjustable, I would like to know if it returns a more neutral handling balance or retains the stock understeer. I imagine the M3 setup is well-balanced already.

Good point on the coils. Will look into that option.

[edit] wait, I might not have been clear. I am considering stock springs on aftermarket shocks. Still might come out equal to or more than those ST coils though. But just to be totally accurate...
i dont think the fsd shocks are going to be track worthy or worth the effort or $ figure.

personally, again, if its track time you are concerned about, there is no replacement for coilovers.

i almost went with "theres no replacement for adjustment", but that seemed to easy.