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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
People in Audii and Subarus are usually the first people in the ditch in inclement weather. I nearly got clobbered by an EVO in Atlanta last year when I was driving my M Coupe (to sell it) in the snow, he was going sideways at about 90 through heavy traffic doing about 45. He ended up going into the median and hitting a barrier, fortunately he didn't hit any cars or appear to hurt himself.

It always amazes me to see folks with awd or 4wd trying to outdrive the conditions. It seems like a fairly universal thing, even in Germany, I was always amazed at the awd crowd trying to go faster than the flow of the Autobahn in heavy rain.
LOL, so true. They think that AWD will defy the laws of adhesion. Not noly that, but they are usually terrible drivers!