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Civic IMO, assuming the purpose of this car is essentially one of utility, where "getting there" is what matters above all else. All of these cars, Mini S aside, are A to B econo sedans; so personally I wouldn't really be weighing performance or dynamic characteristics unless one car was a complete outlier. For this type of car i want to buy it and never have to worry about something serious/expensive breaking for thousands and thousands of miles, nothing does that like a Honda Civic. Actually you could extend that to the entire Honda line, I don't enjoy their cars particularly, but it's remarkable how reliable they are. Back in the day I owned a Honda Accord I4, it held up to around 95K miles with only basic care, and had a grand total of ZERO issues outside of wear items like plugs and oil. Quite literally I don't think I ever saw the CEL in that car. I wouldn't trust a VW to do that, no way no how.
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