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Originally Posted by Volasko View Post
If you're a cheap-ass what are you doing buying a BMW then?!?

I will say this though, if it is your first BMW you really should be getting a car that put BMW on the map, ie. rear wheel drive, sports package with 6spd MT. BMW came out with x-drive to compete with Audi, ie it was an afterthought. After almost 3 Canadian winters with my car there has not been ONE situation were I wished I had awd (though I always had good winter tires). You spend much more time on dry roads anyways so why sacrifice what makes a BMW a BMW for the few times a year you get some snow?!?
You're a lucky one, and get to live in the city. I'm on the boarder edge of suburbs, and on days like today, you bet your butt it helps. In all honesty though, the xi was purchased for my parents. They get out of the house by 6, well before any plows come through. I roll in a beater Civic with snows during the week.

And yes, BIG yes for old-school bmw's. There's an e36m3 somewhere around the corner.

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