Thread: race a 335?
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Jeez you 328 guys crack me up. "I bet if the 328 had intake, exhaust, headers, chip, and a 3-stage manifold it could hang with a 335, at least for a little while"

NO IT COULD NOT!!! Look, I love my inline 6 as much as the next guy, but 328's and 330's CANNOT hang with 335's! It's not possible unless the 328/330 is supercharged, turbo'd, or nos'd. END OF STORY.

The 335 is a full second quicker JUST to 60 MPH, and almost 2 seconds quicker in the 1/4 mile. You might as well say a V6 Mustang could hang with a Mustang GT, "at least for a little while".

Just enjoy your ride and forget trying to think it's fast. It's not.

* end of rant *