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By all means, do not do this yourself unless you have legit mechanical aptitude and confidence.

I have light skill (brake jobs/oil changes/spark plugs) and my father is a master industrial mechanic. I made the mistake of doing a rear wheel bearing with my dad- it was toast, made some noice for a while. Getting the whole rear appart is a bitch- 5 link suspension means 5 things to disconnect, and each one is put on god damned tight. On top of that the bearing would not come out of the hub. Had to heat it up and use an air too to get that bastard out- it welded itself in there. Total fucking pain. The other side was bad too, I paid my mechanic to do it and let him suffer- He even told me what a bitch it was, and he has all kinds of friggen cars from a front engine porche to an older lotus esprit turbo, a 67 chevelle he built and a camaro race car.

Seriously, pay somebody to do it, even if you have to put it on the credit car. It sucks don't let anyone tell you different.

I hope I made my point