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BMW PE Vibration Absorber

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Hi All,

Just got a small item here for sale. As many of you know the BMW Performance Exhaust doesn't come with a vibration absorber, (at least mine didn't ) and if you didn't transfer the old one from the OEM muffler then you might find yourself in need of one of these.

The part number is 18103412864 "83hz"

***Although please be aware that you will need this part number also 18407540023***

It's a collar screw that holds this vibration absorber on! It's $4.07 on realoem, but in my rush I forgot to buy it.

I had the BMW PE put on, and then the MMW headers so I thought I might need this piece, but truth be told a vibration absorber isn't going to make any noticeable different with the PE and headers. Or maybe I'm just going deaf but with the windows up, heater on and the radio it actually isn't too loud.

So if you find yourself in need of quieting down the BMW PE just a tad, this might do the trick. I read a review on 1addicts and it convinced me to give it a try (although it's still in the box, brand new)

$30 OBO

1 addicts review below, credit to Drawn05 for the initial review

I have had my Performance Muffler on my 125 for about 5 months and up until now I have not had much luck with the drone settling down.

The PE doesn't come with a vibration absorber and most of us that have one just transfer over the stock vibration absorber. The 125/130 and 135 muffler vibration absorber is rated at 32hz so I thought I might see if BMW uses different rated versions. I bought a few different absorbers online, got them in the mail today and just tested them out tonight.

123d - 28hz - I thought this would cancel out the drone as it has a lower hz rating and the drone is quite a low pitch. It sounds better than the stock one, but still the drone is horrible.

E86 Z4 30is - 83hz - I didnt think this would be what I was looking for and I thought it might just cancel out the sounds of the exhaust I want to keep BUT this is the shit. It does mute some of the sound at 4500-6500rpm but its now so quiet at 2500-3000rpm that its unbelievable. The spluttering/burbling on deceleration is still there which is great.

The Z4/123d version is also quite small compared to the stock 125/130/135 ones

The part number is 18103412864 and it cost me $35.


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