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TPMS valve stem help please

Hi all,

Car is 2009 335i E92, with style 230 19" 5-spoke wheels. Got a set of winter wheels and tires, and dropped my summer set off to be refinished. After I dropped them off, got a call from the shop, they said that they couldn't reuse my old valve stems, could I get them new ones? I kind of expected that I would need new ones, figured that they would just replace them and charge me, but whatever. Called Tire Rack, had them drop ship four new valve stems, figured that was the end of it. Called wheel shop today to see how they were doing, not that I'm in a real hurry to get my wheels back, but it's been a while. Guy says they finished them, but he can't use the valve stems I shipped him, they're too short. Stopped at dealership after work, figured I'd just suck it up and pay dealer prices, parts counter guy says BMW does not list the valve stems by year/wheel, they list them by the color of the paint dot on the base of the valve stem. OK... I sincerely hope that the wheel shop hasn't thrown my old valve stems out yet (they close at 5, it was too late to call from dealership) I will call tomorrow but let's say that they don't have the old ones anymore. Does anyone know what part number or color I need for 2009 style TPMS on Style 230 wheels?

Sidebar question, just out of curiosity. Wheel guy mentioned that my wheels apparently had hollow spokes. Well, if they're made by BBS and have hollow spokes that explains why they're so expensive to replace, but why are they still so goshdarn heavy?