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Originally Posted by ctuna View Post
Maybe you could use your iphone as a meter.
See if it gets louder when the iphone is in different locations in
the car.

I thought equalization and signal levels for the Hi Fi amp were
taken car of in the Head Unit and there were only analog connections to the Hi Fi amp. If anything it looks like the newer one might be more likely to have data connections.

If the new Hi Fi amp had data connections and you put it into an older car without data connections in the harness of any type I could see how this would be the case.
Good thought, I did try that! Took the phone out of the car... I found a thread where someone said they had a very similar noise from a lose bolt on the cars transmission bracket. I'm going to check it this weekend.

I did take the car back to the dealer today, and they told me as they cannot hear it, my only option is to call BMW Customer Relations. Which sticks because I had three other people sit in the car that can hear it, so I am obviously not (that) crazy.
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