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Originally Posted by JRJ1970 View Post
Interesting thread guys.

I have a 2011 E93 328i. I too had this problem. Battery was just shy of two years old and I was getting this message: "Increased battery discharge" on my iDrive screen.

The dealer replaced the battery for me under warranty after saying the battery was "toast."

I think these cars have a ton of electronics that are running and drain the batteries quicker than most other cars. Either that or the short trips are killing it. By the way, I'm not using the remote to put the top up/down any more but rather doing it with the engine running.
Generally, from what I've found, "Increase discharge" CC messages are based on the IBS detecting too much draw from the car when it is supposed to be asleep. Battery condition, age, etc... aren't a part of that equation. If the car is supposed to be sleeping at 2mA and it's drawing 10mA (pulling random numbers out of the air) then it will shut circuits down and log the error.

It's always possible that the "system reboot" which took place as a result of pulling the old battery and installing a new one fixed whatever was actually wrong, of course.