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Originally Posted by Robspages View Post
Yr: 2009
Model: 335d
Mileage: 40k
Avg MPG: 32.7
Avg Spd: 44.5
Fuel: Sunoco/WaWa
Drive type: 4
70/30 hwy/city. My commute is 37 miles each way with most of that being high traffic highway.

Carbon build up issue yes or no? Yes

Additional info:

Msg from BMW tech: "swirl flap linkage was binding and a large amount of carbon build is present"

I bought my D in June 2012 with 20k on the odo. I did nearly double that in the 6 months since.
Originally Posted by Robspages View Post
For me, parts started to fail all related to air intake and emissions. It started with the mass air sensor, then a thermal sensor, followed by some related codes. After those were clear, the Service Engine Soon light returned. Certain Subaru engines show a similar pattern when the turbos start to die: metal fillings from the turbos start to foul intake parts before thrashing around in your engine. With that in mind, I did some Internet searches (most pointed here and 'fest) and when the SES returned, I asked the tech to check for carbon/oil build-up or metal filings as that many parts dying in succession sounded fishy to me.
Originally Posted by Robspages View Post
Car is back home. I've driven about 80 miles on it since they handed it over at 1pm this afternoon and it feels great to have it back. Mileage seems to have improved by +5 mpg so far. I DO baby my car. It rarely sees over 3,000 RPM and still cruise at a pretty good clip like that.

Here are the codes, dates, parts and comments from my 3 trips leading up to and including the carbon build up removal. The text has been reformatted by me to be more readable. Fault codes and things I thought important are in bold.

37,316 miles

Summary: SES due to Mass Air Sensor failure

Service notes: Factory Fault in DDE: 3FF1 Air Mass Flow Sensor. Completed test plan for fault. Inspected engine for air leaks, smoke test engine air ducts. No leaks present. Inspect sensor connections and signal/power/ground. No Fault. Replaced Mass Air Flow Sensor. Complete Service Test Plan to clear DDE Air Flow Sensor Adaptation and cleared fault memory. Test drove vehicle.

1 13.62-8-509-725 HOT-FILM AIR MASS M

39,245 miles

Summary: SES from intake pressure loss. Temp sensor threw failure once that was cleared

Service Notes: Intake charge air pressure loss due to leaking charge air pipes. Connect battery charger to vehicle and complete vehicle test. Faults stored in DDE: 4595 Smooth running controller. Cylinder 6: 3FF1 Air Mass Flow sensor.

Complete test plan for faults and complete inspection for leaks with smoke machine. No air leaks present. Per test plan, replaced charge air temperature sensor, cleared fault memory and drove vehicle overnight.

Rechecked faults and found 3FF1 fault returned. Per fault data, inspect air pipes for oil residue indicating air leakage. Found oil residue on both charge air pipes.

Complete test plan again and select air leaks as fault.

Replaced both intake charge air pipes: Intercooler to EGR and Intercooler to turbocharger then cleared fault memory and test drove vehicle again. No faults returned

1 13-62-7-812-741 TEMPERATURE SENSOR
1 11-61-7-812-274 CHARGE AIR LINE
1 11-61-8-506-078 CHARGE AIR LINE

40,024 miles

Summary: SES back on due to swirl flaps binding, incorrect air flow through manifold

Service Notes: Intake manifold swirl flaps are binding and causing incorrect air flow through manifold causing air mass fault

VOR intake manifold for Tuesday / Fedex failed to deliver on Tuesday

Connect Battery charger to vehicle and complete vehicle test. Fault stored in DDE: Air Mass Fault. Complete test plan for fault. Test intake air temperature sensor and mass air flow sensor. No Fault.

Smoke test engine and intake system, no leaks present.

Removed engine covers and intake manifold to inspect swirl flaps. Found linkage was binding at some spots

Ordered intake manifold.

92575 - Installed New intake manifold
51372 - Cleared fault memory and test drove vehicle overnight

Rechecked vehicle faults, no faults stored in vehicle and no warning lights are on or came on during drive.

1 303 BRAKLEEN 5
1 304 GUM CUTTER 5
1 11-61-8-519-140 INTAKE MANIFOLD WIT
1 13-54-7-792-098 O-RING
Originally Posted by GreekboyD View Post
Robspage, I had my air intake manifold replaced too. My invoice said one of the reasons stated due to changing the air intake manifold was "carbon build-up."

My car only had 22,000 kms (14,000 miles) on it when this happened last summer.
Originally Posted by NeedaDiesel_335D View Post
My driving habits and fuel purchases mirror Robspages’. I had 47k miles on my car before the new EGR was installed. I included my recent history up to carbon cleaning and intake manifold replacement.

Yr: 2010
Model: 335d
Mileage: 55k
Avg MPG: 32
Avg Spd: 41.5
Fuel: Sunoco (85%)/WaWa (15%)
Drive type: 3-4 (most miles are commuting)
65/35 hwy/city. Commute is 35 miles each (70 miles a day, but have an SUV I drive 1-2 days a week – more during the winter)

Carbon build up issue yes or no? Yes

Additional info:
Have changed oil every 6,500 miles since car was new (either dealer or myself using Castro Edge LL04).

My History and codes:
46,706 miles
Summary: Replace EGR Valve and Mixer Program w/CAS
No SES Codes yet

1 18-30-8-512-438 Mixer E570431
1 11-71-8-512-526 EGR Valve
Numerous nuts, gaskets and 0-rings

6/20/2012 – 2 weeks after EGR was replaced (had car 7 days)
47,223 miles
Summary: SES Code Triggered, Performed ISID Test found fault code 4B05 Cyl 4 0 adaptn (if I remember correctly, this code showed up as P02D3 on the OBDII reader)

Service Notes: Replace Cylinder 4 Injectors and calibrate, ISID will not accept Calibration Code. Use neutral Code. Bleed Fuel System, Rd tested 5 miles. (I remember talking to the SA and him telling me the code kept coming back even after replacing the injector and they were working with Germany – thus the 7 days)

1 13-53-7-808-094 RMFD Injector
3 08180 Brake Cleaner (awful lot of cleaner)
O-Rings and Gasket Ring

9/14/2012 (had car 2 days)
50,745 miles
Summary: SES Code Triggered, Test and Replace Metering Valve

Service Notes: Just says replaced metering valve under goodwill

1 18-30-7-807-206 Metering Unit

12/13/2012 (had car 21 days)
54,395 miles
Summary: SES Code Triggered, Found smooth running faults & 0 Adapt fault - Diagnostic code to replace #4 injector (they did not list a code, but my OBDII showed the same P02D3 as when the issue started)

Service Notes: Checked calibration and match numbers on injectors; submit PUMA case. R&R (remove and replace) intake and check for carbon. Found carbon thru intake, valve covers and on valves. Per PUMA, replace Intake Manifold, Perform carbon cleaning, clear faults and road test. Sublet for Walnut Shells. Customer Goodwill.

1 11-61-8-519-140 Intake Manifold WIT
Seals, O-rings and more brake cleaner.
Sublet for Walnut Shell Cleaning.

54,500 Miles
Car Runs better, but is back in the shop because of a burnt diesel exhaust smell filling the car at idle.

Originally Posted by Deed View Post

Had Injector 1 replaced at 71k per BMW goodwill. 84k now and no major issues. SA told me that there was significant carbon deposition and they "cleaned" the manifold, so we will see where this goes...

I'm racking up about 8k miles per month right now, so things should happen fast!!

Originally Posted by GreekboyD View Post
Yes it has stored that code for sure. I have the BT scan tool. They replaced my air intake manifold citing carbon buildup. Some people felt it could have been cleaned but I didn't care as the car is under warranty. I didn't have to pay a cent.
Originally Posted by 335dwagon View Post
I just got a Engine warning symbol in the center of my gauges. This is the display that houses how much fuel is left on a tank etc. The symbol I got after extremely hard acceleration is the engine with part of it colored in in Yellow. Indicating " Full engine power no longer available" It is on the page in the lower right of this link
Any ideas why this light came on??
Originally Posted by elester12 View Post
I've about had it with my car and want to get rid of it. However, I am having trouble letting it go. It's probably because in my mind I know I paid over 50K for the car and feel if I sell it for the 28K its worth right now I'd be annoyed for a few years. I just came back home from a two hour visit to a local Audi dealership to test drive some cars. I was very close to signing the paperwork on a new S4 but ended up walking away. I realized I'm just concerned and should not do anything. I like to keep my cars for 150-200K miles before moving onto another. Will my 335D make it? Probably not.

The 335d's problem: My 2010 335d with 43K is in the shop having its head replaced for the third time. The only reason I took it in was for the check engine light coming back on over and over. Yes, I've had all the recalls done except this new one I keep reading about regarding the torque? The service advisor said there are no open recalls on my VIN. I drive this car 35 miles a day with a good mix of highway and city. I fill up at Shell which offers a higher cetane (I can't remember if it's 45 or 48). I drive hard on occasions and normal during traffic.

After having the EGR update done to my car I assumed this problem would be resolved.

Sorry for the venting but I'm annoyed with BMW and this car. I'm also thinking about selling the X5D i purchased for my parents just because it has the same engine. The days of diesels running past gas engines is long gone with all these new emissions and low cetane. I'm starting to think my 2010 328I will outlast my 335d.

My question to everyone on this forum: After having your EGR update done have you had your head replaced due to carbon buildup? How many of you are worried about this issue after the warranty period? I have an extended warranty but what about after that? I'm angry about purchasing a car that is somewhat has a short life.

Oh, and after talking to my tech he suggested I change my oil more often. How the heck would that help with carbon buildup?

On a side note. I wish bentley would make a service manual for our engine! When you look up information on the 335I or any older e46's you have people posting "How to's" left and right. On our cars its mostly "crap, its getting a new head"
Originally Posted by GreekboyD View Post
I feel a lot of the issues with this car stem from the restrictive emissions that BMW has implemented in order to make it a "clean diesel". My 2009 335d has only 24,000 kms on it but two months ago they replaced my air intake manifold due to carbon build-up. Thankfully I had bought extended warranty a few weeks before that because it would have cost me almost $2000 after parts/labour. I only owe $3,000 on the car so right now I have no real issues and love it but I do know where your rage stems from. Trust me. I know.

If issues persist, I know of a local guy that can do a DPF delete. I'll do the whole removal of EGR and right down to the urea if I have to.

Originally Posted by GreekboyD View Post
Could be anything really. Do you have a tool that can scan your codes? I got this and when I ran my scan I got "swirl flap actuator" fault.

Like I said though, could be anything and nothing too serious like getting into limp mode due to the hard acceleration.

Originally Posted by GreekboyD View Post
One last thing, just checked my invoice and one of the reasons stated due to changing the air intake manifold was "carbon build-up."

My car only has 22,000 kms (14,000 miles) on it.