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Originally Posted by Levi View Post
Yes, that is true. Well, I had a 735i E32, broke the rear axle against a pavement.
The MX-5 also is a good learning tool.
The E32 is a LOT of weight to throw around corners... Yes, you would be a LOT better off learning in a Miata.

Originally Posted by Levi View Post
The 4C however will be more like a 911 with its 40/60 weight distribution, and with its short wheelbase and wide track, it is suposed to have enormous grip, but that also means loss of control will be hard to gain back.
No way! What really matters is the dynamic weight distribution and not so much the static weight distribution. The fomer is greatly determined by the engine placement relative to the car's front and rear axles which in turn determines where the car's center of mass will be located relative to the very same axles. So, you can see how different the dynamic weight distribution will be depending on the engine placement - either in front of or behind those car's rear axle. And, in that regard the Alfa 4C is much closer to the Porsche Cayman than to the 911 which, in DEEP contrast to the other two, has the engine placed behind the rear axle:

Alfa 4C:

Porsche Cayman:

Porsche 911:

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