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There's nothing wrong with seeing how much faster another car is than yours. I do it all the time...given I'm more of a general car enthusiast than a "my car is the best car in the universe" type and I definitely wouldn't say that I'm Bothered (in the least) by loosing. I get all giddy (in a very manly way, of course) in appreciation for the raw power of a vehicle when a tuned super car leaves me like I'm standing still or when an all out race car just locks in and takes off around the twisties (given I get a bit more excited when I keep up).

There are three basic outcomes to your scenario...
1. You both take off, the 335 is way faster and you both leave knowing all the same things you thought you did when you stopped at the light
2. He has traction trouble, can't drive stick, or any number of other variables, and you lose but keep close enough to him to leave him second guessing his own abilities and leave you quite content with not being left in the dust.
3. He suffers from limp mode or some other combination of those items listed above, you wind up in front, and he never forgets it for all of eternity

With any of the three options, its a lot more fun to be the guy in the car that is supposed to loose.

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