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Originally Posted by Aaron Sweat View Post
Correct. You do not need to rewire. Process is pretty easy. Park car with wheels absolutely straight. Disconnect battery (MUST DO). Pop out airbag with screwdriver (Youtube it). Disconnect airbag and connectors. Remove bolt holding wheel. Note position of wheel on splines. Remove wheel and take inside. Unplug and remove paddles. Paddles are held by a hex bolt. Newer style or M3 paddles go in same as stock. Installation is reverse of above. It took me about an hour and half to two hours to do the entire retrofit.

All I know is do not have the battery connected when you unplug the airbag or I was told a dealer will have to reset the light and they don't do it for free. PM me if you need any help. While I don't use the paddles much in the winter, they were nice for 2nd gear launches with brake boost in the summer.
Thanks for the thorough explanation AS. When you did yours did you buy the M3 paddles or something else?