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Ok. Got it back from service today, this is a common
problem. Not covered by warranty, but an issue of
oxidation, staining by soaps, etc...

I was told to use a polish like " Meguiars # 9".
Clean and seal I guess with a wax.

Here are some others who have complained.

11-12-2011, 12:00 AM
Guys Im telling you its not painted metal, Its plastic thats why it oxidizes so bad, paint would never do that, unless you have non sport trim that was painted.

Newbie here so hello all....I used to paint cars and this trim is not painted. My 135i is 2 months old and the shadowline trim looks like an old bumper on crappy Ford escort my dealership is going to replace the trim one time and I am taking it in to get clear coated. The BMW service advisory they sent definitely says the trim is anodized not painted

SI B 51 53 02
Body Equipment September 2006
Technical Service
This Service Information Bulletin This Service Information bulletin supersedes S.I. B51 53 02 dated October 2002. designates changes to this revision

Discoloration of Shadowline Trim

E46 (3 Series), E60, E61 (5 Series), E64 (6 Series), E65, E66 (7 Series), E83 (X3), E53 ( X5) Equipped with Shadowline exterior trim

The optional glossy black Shadowline exterior trim may become discolored.

Analysis has determined that the discoloration is due to a film deposited on the trim which distorts the light reflecting off the trim. These deposits may come from car washes, hard water, or other environmental conditions.

Deposits that cause the discoloration can be easily removed by polishing with a quality swirl removing polish, such as Meguiars #9.

Note: The glossy black trim pieces are anodized, not painted, and the discoloration does not mean that the surface has been damaged. Therefore, the trim pieces should not be replaced for this complaint.

and man I am ticked off the least they can do is let you know when you buy the dang car".
Mike F

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