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Originally Posted by AlwynMike View Post
From what you say, and if you are OK with spannering, then 500 should easily sort the car into MOT shape. Forget the sunroof fault - it's only a "nice to have" unless it's fully open and won't close!! Alloys are cosmetic too.

Don't forget you may need the space, and once a wheel or two is gone, or a suspension part, then it's immobile and can't be towed, or even dragged on to a low loader. The higher value bits are the larger ones that need more getting out, and what do you do with a static lump with no engine/box or suspension and a return on your time and parts of 1500??? Pay 50-100 for it to be taken away?

If you want value from it, sort the suspension, strip it out and use it as a track day car!!

The cheapest quote I could get for the repairs is 484 not including fixing the sunroof and service, MOT and Tax. I get your point though, if someone wants it with slight problems they'll take it.

The Sunroof works fine until it is closing and will come to the last centimetre before reopening. Possibly something jammed in the mech. It has to be closed manually with an Allen Key.

I'm just thinking about the simpler things. You are referring to more major components which I don't see myself getting involved with.

The issue about the car being immobile is the reason why I have to make a plan of action. I can't sell the steering wheel and try and get it manoeuvred onto a tow truck afterwards.

Thanks for your suggestions though.