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Originally Posted by w2830 View Post
sorry for not making my post clear enough but I think we are talking about two different features here...what i was reffering to is how the car behaves when you press the unlock button on the fob from outside the car to unlock the car.i dont have idrive.if you do have this feature on yours,getting me your kombi and cas trc might help me doing a comparision with can use for trying anyway!

thanks for the suggestion,sounds like a good idea.i will try that!

sorry for the confusion.but that is exactly what im talking about!!
I'm so surprised you dont even know the existence of such convenient option on our cars.I thought it's a standard feature that's factory enabled on all cars and that's why i dont see anyone coding it nor on the coding list.maybe it doesnt bother ppl much having to push fob twice to unlock both doors.but i just hate it!and find it stupid!
and yes,im 100% sure i had it!when i first bought my car,it wasnt set to unlock all doors with one press of fob.i was playing with bc menus and found this saves so much hassle from not having to push twice on the fob each time you have someone riding with you.
So mine is a 08' 335i and has idrive and CA. My files may be some what different - but from what i've seen, it seems BMW uses a standard base set of these commands and just deactivates items that are not present on the car - so i can send you what I have. As for the feature- yes, I'm pretty sure any car on the market that has a remote that unlocks the door has this feature. It is a safty feature. Unlock driver first (so bad guys can't open the passanger side when you hit the FOB and kidnap or kill you). Unlock all doors with the second push. As pointed out in the video, the idrive system has it shown - but like you said - no idrive - here is what I found by searching google - i borrowed this from another forum... tell me if these steps help or not -

Here's how it works on mine. To get the full stalk menu, the car needs to be running but not moving. There are two controls on the turn signal stalk, an up/down toggle switch on the front face of the lever, and a button on the outer edge labeled "BC" that pushes in towards the steering column. With the car running/not moving:

toggle the face switch up/down until you see "SET" and a locked/unlocked padlock icon. (I have two "SET" options ,the other one has a thermometer and something else for the icons)

push the outer button in to select this SET menu

toggle up/down until you're on a selection that looks like: <- -> 3x

push the outer button to select this feature

toggle up/down until you're on the "3x" option [funny thing about these non i-drive menus, even if there's only two options, the initial menu might only show you the one you're on and you have to scroll to see all/others]

push the outer button to engage this feature

Should take you immediately out of "setup" mode and the setting will be effective immediately.