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Originally Posted by N8N View Post
OK, I think I'm finally getting to the bottom of this.

The below is from the *TPMS* page which must be where my service guy was looking

for application, see illustration BMW
LA wheels
12 SCREW-IN VALVE RDC 4 09/2009 36111095375 ENDED
12 SCREW-IN VALVE RDC 4 09/2009 36146792829 $13.90
12 SCREW-IN VALVE RDC ORANGE 4 09/2009 36111095373 ENDED
12 SCREW-IN VALVE RDC ORANGE 4 09/2009 36146792827 $13.90
12 SCREW-IN VALVE RDC GRÜN 4 09/2009 36111096449 ENDED
12 SCREW-IN VALVE RDC GRÜN 4 09/2009 36146792830

so it looks like for a 2009 there were at least three options - no dot, orange, or green. Now here's the funny thing - the 36136775937 part number isn't listed above! I think the other option that the dealer parts guy mentioned was gold? not sure? Aaaargh, I'm about to kick puppies! Damn you BMW for making something simple into something so difficult!

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that I really do need to order the P/N 36136775937 and also that the most common BMW valve stem must be the 36111095375/36146792829 application which is the ones that Tire Rack will sell you if you order from them. So of course my car is speshul... figures. Do I roll the dice and order from Tischer? I think I do... 'cause I need new center caps too and Sterling BMW I think sells parts at a markup from list
Contact Tischer or Turner first and ask them. I believe Tischer sells this wheel and can give you required P/N. Turner is also a great source and maybe EAS as well.

Issues like this are very annoying!


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