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Originally Posted by FoShizzle View Post
I had the same issue. It never threw any codes and the dealer said they couldn't do anything if it wasn't producing a code. They eventually ran a diagnostic on it and found it was an injector issue. The most current BMW software is far less sensitive to long cranks. Its bs to save them $. I've ranted on this before...

If you really like your car, push push push until they fix it right. However, if your purchasing and not leasing consider how all of these service visits could potentially affect your resale value. You have more than enough service history to pursue a BMW buy back or lemon and get nearly all your $ back. 335is is my second 335. BMW bought back my '08 335
i am leasing the car. ive had it for 16 months so far. if they cant get the job done after i get it back, i will pursue a buy back