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Originally Posted by JUSTIN335 View Post
Rims look good, look like nicer versions of the V710s I had on my old E92. But every time I see an Australian post, I can't help but cringe thinking of what these cars cost you. When I told my visiting Australian friend what I payed for my 335, he simply could not believe me. Not to troll and start a political debate, but when I visit Australia this summer, I need to find a politician who can sit down and tell me why I can buy an Aventador and a half here for the price of 458 Italia in Australia. My fully loaded X5M cost as much as the cheapest X5 35i there... I've read several articles about this and the BS given by company spokespeople is just ridiculous. I don't know why I'm concerned about this at all but it just bothers me so much!! Sorry for the rant.
Yeah its crazy when what we pay for a 335i here you guys can have a m3