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Originally Posted by JRJ1970
Interesting thread guys.

I have a 2011 E93 328i. I too had this problem. Battery was just shy of two years old and I was getting this message: "Increased battery discharge" on my iDrive screen.

The dealer replaced the battery for me under warranty after saying the battery was "toast."

I think these cars have a ton of electronics that are running and drain the batteries quicker than most other cars. Either that or the short trips are killing it. By the way, I'm not using the remote to put the top up/down any more but rather doing it with the engine running.
Wow sounds like the same as my situation, except the dealer only charged my battery. Now about two weeks later it's in again. We'll see if they replace it or charge it this time.

Last time they just asked if I park in a garage, YES. Then asked if I lock it in the garage, um NO. Then I was told that I "need" to lock it so that it can sleep.

The more I read about it the more I worry about short trips. So what is exactly "short"? My commute is about 20 min / 8 miles on city streets with maybe 1 mile of freeway. Is this considered a short trip?