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Originally Posted by AWBimmer View Post
Hey Mo,

Thanks for the message buddy. I Pm’d Kaigoss a couple days back and he also quoted similar frequencies to the above so it’ll be interesting to see what I can render from the tweaking. As of now, my ears are getting more and more used to the new sounds and I’m really impressed – but there is room for further tweaking! Since I found the Tweeters to be harsh initially, I have turned down the tweeter EQ on my OBCwhich has resulted in a much better sound of course. I absolutely LOVE how these morels sound (compared to my previous focals) since I remember the Focals to be quite harsh. Best part is, my amp gain is only set to half way mark but still pumps out enough bass. During show season and after I tweak it up, I’m hoping that half way on amp gains or perhaps a tad bit more will be more than enough to draw in a nice crowd, but let’s see!
Glad you like them! It should sound better after you have experimented and gone through the different techniques At the moment your gains aren't set properly and your fronts and rears are probably not matched, but as promised i'll send you a pm sometime today to go through that.

Edit: Do you mean you turned the high freq down using the OEM HU? If so, then turn that back to the middle and use the ms-8 31 band eq to cut a bit from the top.

Re: usage of a multimeter, I have one but not the one you sent a link for last night, will a normal multimeter do?
Barring the use of a scope, which is the best way to set gains, a multimeter will get you in the ball park but won't show clipping. I'm hoping it will be ok in your case as you will only be using it to mark the maximum safe gain on each channel. The you can play around with the gains and stay below the limit.

To do this you need to play a 1khz sine wave test tone, and measure the ac voltage at the amp output terminals. Not all multimeters will be able to detect this at 1khz, but i know for a fact the model i sent you does. You can try your one that you have now, it might work but if it's a cheap on then i doubt it.

Kaigoss has told me to do exactly what you’ve also said in your post above and then to drop him a PM once I’ve reached the Sub part of calibration, he mentions there is trickery involved and it’s called the Kai Mod lol! I was also told about the Secret Menu… but all this over quite overwhelming and a lot to take it so really need it to be broken down into stages /steps – thanks a tonne for helping me out buddy – I can’t be thankful enough!
It probably is a bit overwhelming as you have been given a lot of info which I have learnt over a longer period of time. But the main thing is not to worry it will be fine.

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