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Originally Posted by mr_milo View Post
Last time they just asked if I park in a garage, YES. Then asked if I lock it in the garage, um NO. Then I was told that I "need" to lock it so that it can sleep.
Now this is an interesting topic that I've thought about bringing up for discussion before.

The E39s I've had in the family before sleep after 16 minutes in inactivity - it doesn't matter whether they are locked or unlocked, or even if doors are open at the time. All the interior lighting shuts down, the light by the "P" goes out if the car has an AT and all the systems sleep.

My E90 doesn't seem to act this way. I believe I read somewhere that on the E90s the sleep time has been set to 30 minutes. Furthermore, if my E90 is unlocked in the garage and no one is touching it, it seems like every so often (sometimes once every minute or two, sometimes out of the blue after 30-60 minutes of nothing) something will click and it sounds like the fuel pump runs for a second. If it's locked it doesn't do this at all. Unlocked it happens all the time. I haven't confirmed for sure it's the fuel pump, and the click sounds almost like the unlocked doors trying to unlock themselves again. The car never unlocks itself from a locked state - I don't have a malfunctioning remote key or anything like that. It sounds like "flunk-da-whirirrrt".

I was planning on asking around if this is just me. I fail to understand why back in the mid-90s it was all sorted out how to have an untouched car go to sleep but now it has to be locked.

I wonder if there's actually a very common problem that keeps waking the cars up if unlocked. It affects so few people the dealers would rather tell you to lock it than fix the problem on so many cars. My extended warranty is expiring soon and this is something I'm putting on the list for the dealer to take a look at. I would love to discover something with INPA (or similar) first but I can't get any of the MSV80 screens to display in English despite hours of work installing different INPA packages trying to get it to work.