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Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
Here is a tip for you.

A) BMW OEM HU ----> Bit one/ ten (processing) -----> amplifier ----> drivers (active or passive)

B) P80RS (processing & time allignment) -----> amplifier ----> drivers. (active or passive)

In above two routes, chances of noise is less in that system where there is less equipment.

Also, bit one / ten will take the signals and flat them first of all and then recreate the sound signals for the HU. With P80RS, signals will be coming directly from the HU (pure form). I may be wrong but IMO, P80RS seems to work better.
The idea of the 80PRS is certainly favourable, I used to own a 8400 unit in my last install and i loved it for the customisation you had with the outputs. Also this has a USB in which will take the digital signal direct from the ipad mini (only concern is the charging function).

I'm still set on getting a 3 way up front. 6.5" either in door or under seats and the Hertz Mille's (drivers only - no passive crossovers) are what I have my heart set on now. So keepin the active system (bear in mind I have never run an active system before, but have read many pros for doing so)..... I will have

1 x 4ch amp for tweets & hi mid - supplied by front RCA output from HU
1 x 4ch amp bridged to 2ch for 6.5" woofers - supplied by rear RCA output from HU
1 x mono amp driving Sub - supplied by sub output from HU

My dilemna comes for the tweets and hi mids. Most amps are set up for HP or LP x-overs. Where the hi mid really needs to be bandpass and tweets the same. As I only have front output from HU driving this, I would imagine I will need to an active X-over here anyway to get the separation that I need(I think). Is this not the case, am I looking too deep into this.

Does anyone know of any good band pass amplifiers out there, I've had a look but most seem to be US brands unavailable here in the UK.

EDIT: Ground Zero Amps look like a likely winner for my price range, so 2 of these and 1 of these. I've also changed my mind to the Hertz HX300d Sub - after reading many reviews and a good road test, I think it will complement the system.

Once again.... thanks.
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