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Sub selection for infinite baffle

I'm a complete newb when it comes to WinISD Pro, but I modeled the following woofers using a closed chamber at 11ft^3 since I have a spare tire in my trunk:

(Woofer - Qtc)
JBL W15GTi - .591
AE IB15AU - .634
AE SBP15 - .628
Fi IB315 - .829
SSA Icon 15 - .566
AA Havoc 15 - .544

I did not account for cabin gain (not sure how to do that just yet), but they all seem to model fairly close to each other except for the Fi. I'm not entirely sure what to be looking for in the graph, but it appears the AE IB15 would be the winner, particularly when you take into account its cost (again, without taking into account cabin gain). I was also surprised at how close the IB15 and SBP were overall. I'm leaning towards one of the AE's since they produce a Qtc closest to .707, and from what I understand, my Qtc will raise a bit since I carry my golf clubs with me most of the summer.

Is the SBP15 worth the extra $100 over the IB15??? The extra money doesn't bother me, but how close they model surprises me. I do like that the SBP series uses a larger motor structure and thicker top plate than the IB series does. They also state that it has lower distortion.