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Originally Posted by cssnms View Post
I finally got around to speaking with a BMWNA rep (Erin) yesterday with whom I have been trading e-mails with regarding this issue and to whom I provided various forum links to the carbon build-up threads and I am disappointed to report that she/BMWNA could NOT answer even one question or provide any sort of response to the matter. In fact her response was, she is not aware of any problems and that I should express my concerns to my servicing dealer; to which I responded I already have they do not know anything.

The rep did say she was going to forward my e-mails and the forum links to the technical desk, but could not promise that I would recieve any kind of response - VERY SAD to say the least!
I think it's just your standard CYA. They are never going to say, "yes sir, we are aware if the issue". The best you might get is that "There have been only a handful of reports of carbon issues in the United States, none of which were conclusively found to be directly related to any design flaw or system failure. We believe that these limited circumstances have been due to 'x, y, or z', but can assure you that the overwhelming majority of 335 diesels sold in the United States are not experiencing such issues. We recommend strongly adhering to BMW maintenance guidelines and selecting only higher grade diesel manufacturers/distributors in order to prevent any operational issues from arising. Thank you for bringing your concern to our attention."

Keep n mind, we are talking about roughly 10 cars. this is large relative to the number of diesels on the forum but insignificant relative to the number of diesels sold 2009-2011. In contrast, It took Mazda about three years and hundreds of public cases to extend their rx8 engine warranty to 100k miles, and this was a blatant design flaw in the apex seals which could not be attributed to any outside forces (gas quality, etc.).

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