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Thanks Mo - will look forward to the guide you send across! I do notice slight clipping at high vols at the moment but as you say, it's all probably out of tone at the moment! My installer has said the Xovers were set to "0" so I'm really hoping that is the case, but I'll turn up the EQs on my car HU and will fiddle witht he MS-8's 31 band EQ in due course.. I'm just saving my ears from bleeding for the time being

I've got a bundle of multimeters I'm sure one of them will prove to be useful so will have a dig through that. Any cues on how I can play a 1Khz sinewave.. I'm going to take my time, read and attempt the calibration after understanding what I'm getting into.

Want to know whether I should install my M3 wheel first before calibration of the MS-8 or if that doesn't really matter?! I ask since I'll have to disconnect the battery terminals (will either -ve or +ve do, or must it be both?), I don't wan't to calibrate the MS-8 first, then go installe my wheel but find that as I've disconnected the batterey, I've lost all my settings lol.

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