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my only bad experience was a leak in my trunk mount that leaked 2 Gal of 60/40 meth/distilled water over my AMP and i didn't realize it until I got black flagged mid lap on NJ Lightning track with them noticing a stream of liquid pouring out the back of my car

After the guy looking my car over they didn't see anyting wrong and sent me back out to finish my 20min. event... When i parked my car and took my helmet off i could hear my radio buzzing and i knew.... ohhh shit i blew my $700 amp as i ran to open my trunk and there she was... sitting in a pool of meth!

I quickly ran to disconnect my battery hoping no sparks would ignite a flame ball in my trunk but that didn't happen. So I unhooked my amp, let it sit over night and dried everything up as much as I could - Next day everything worked fine Was just a shitty experience and i was forced to use map 1 on the procede for the rest of the two day event... was kinda bummed cuz it felt nothing like a good kick in the pants like map4 on meth was. I could really play with people on the track "Beginners" with meth, but map 1 i really had to work hard just to keep up.