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Originally Posted by Silver E90 View Post
They announced the class structure earlier this month. They say that the ALMS GT class will stay intact and that the ALMS GTC and the Grand-AM GT class will be combined. Not sure what that means for Turner Motorsport, since next year RLL will be there and the factory drivers will be in the Z4s. Outside of that I'm not sure what other support BMW provides for Turner.
You're right they announced the classes (at least preliminarily), but they haven't announced chassis and engine rules and details yet. There are certain to be changes in store so that the field in kept even, and to keep the lap times consistent with the class pecking order.

In other words, all we really have is a tenative list of classes. No one knows what the the specs of the cars are actually going to be yet.

I haven't heard anything about this in over a year, I thought the idea had died out.
I hear you. But the US league aside, there was talk of "the real DTM" bringing a race to the US like F1 has done. This makes more sense to me anyway, and is what I'd rather see. I hope they are still considering it.
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