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Originally Posted by Cheesegeezer View Post
1 x 4ch amp for tweets & hi mid - supplied by front RCA output from HU
1 x 4ch amp bridged to 2ch for 6.5" woofers - supplied by rear RCA output from HU
1 x mono amp driving Sub - supplied by sub output from HU

My dilemna comes for the tweets and hi mids. Most amps are set up for HP or LP x-overs. Where the hi mid really needs to be bandpass and tweets the same.

I suggest you to read the manual of P80RS.

If you are going for active, then the HU will do the job for you.
If you select the network mode on this Pioneer HU, then you will get LOW, MID & HIGH signals to RCA compared to front, rear and Sub.

I am going down the same route and you'd require to setup the HU in network mode.

High --> Amp ---> tweeters (no xovers requires on amp, use HU for xover)
mid ---> Amp ---> Mid range drivers (no xovers requires on amp, use HU for xover)
low ---> Amp ---> under seats drivers (see further details down)

Now things get complicated when you need to separate under seats and sub.

Here you require semi-active system. How you'd do it?

Lets say on HU, you selet xover for low range drivers as 200Hz.
So LP setting for your low range driver is actively set by HU.

The xover settings b.w your under seats and sub needs to be set at amps.

But since this HU comes with auto timing, you'd do that first.

So you set up the system as I mentioned above and do auto calibration and timing (without the boot sub). HU will setup all the attribute as per your drivers and per your car's interior.

Once you have all the timing / calibration done, then you add the boot sub. (that will be there for feeling).

Now since your LP settings for low range drivers are actively set at HU as 200Hz (for example).

On the amp for underseat, set xovers as 60-70Hz HP. (it will be band passed automatically since HU will be controlling upper limits for these drivers).

And on the amp for boot sub, set the LP filter to 60-70 LP and infra sonic filter shold do the job for lower end (if you have ported / free air sub).

Few things to consider though, your amp for rear boot should have a function where if it takes stereo signals, it should be automatically convert them to mono and fire you sub.

Also your amplifier for the sub should have 24 dB crossover settings and ideally for your under seats.

The only draw back is that you boot sub is not time alligned but as mentioned earlier, that will be there to give you feeling and not sound.

I am going down the same route though I am experimenting it on 88PRS.


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