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Car had her mot today, on collection the mechanic pointed me to the advisory that the auto-leveling arm on the NSF was not fitted properly or damaged.

I've just jacked the car up and had a look at the auto-leveling arm, the clip holding it onto the wishbone wasn't 'snapped' shut, probably causing the arm to ride up and down the wishbone and getting the sensor confused.

I had a play and the lights do adjust as you move the arm. I put it back into position and snapped the clip shut.

Here is the arm

As I've mentioned before, I had to wind the adjustment screw all the way in to get the light horizon high enough to see. If your lights still don't point high enough then you can loosen off the two screws that hold the light cluster into the car, and manoeuvre the light cluster down at the back so the lights point higher. Put your lights on while you do this and you will see the little movements can give you that extra few degrees of tilt