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Big block and small block don't only refer to orange engines. The terminology applies to other manufacturers as well. The small vs big is about the size of the block when talking Chevy (note: not the displacement). I think other manufacturers might base it on displacement though, in the same block (e.g. Pontiac) you can have a small block design and big block design come from the same sized block (e.g. 350, 400, and 455 were same block design). Ford's assignment of the labels has also been confusing. It's kind of a loose unstandardized term across the industry from what I gather.

Foot brake is the brake manipulated by your foot. The transmission brake in drag racing is a lever they pull before the launch that pretty much puts backwards force on a transmission (fluidically) so that when they release the pressure, the natural force of the transmissions gears catapults it forward giving the dragster more forward momentum when they dump the clutch into drive. Supposed to help with gaining traction from a dig I guess.

TONS upon TONS of info if you Google it. Better, more detailed explanations than I can give.

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