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Originally Posted by MikeR1994 View Post
I guess the first question that should be asked is where do you feel the pain? I've noticed that there is something about the placement of the seat and pedal set that makes it very easy to sit too far to the left in the seat. I actually used to sit with my hips not completely parallel with the seat because of this. Try sitting down, then lifting yourself up and dropping back down a little to the right with your lower back lined up perfectly with the seat. That's what I tend to do on longer drives. Once I do that I can usually slouch to my hearts desire without creating any pain for myself, but a lot of it is just finding the right position. The non sport seats really don't provide much support, especially if you're tall. I've found that having the back rest more towards the upright position is a lot more comfortable than having it leaned back.
These seats cave in over time. Lower back support was my problem as I didnt have lumbar support. I assumed it would be on $60,000 car as it was on every Audi I ever owned. Maybe try and tilt entire seat back (like rocking chair)..that helped me.