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Originally Posted by DallasBoosted View Post
My personal Cobb wish list:
  • Support for a flex fuel sensor and automatic timing/boost advance & fuel scalar changes based on the flex fuel sensor
  • Boost targeting with curve learning - no more overshoots/undershoots
  • Boost control of a single turbo/twin turbos with external wastegates

Are these realistic or should I just keep my procede and stack it with the Cobb if I want these features? Would strongly strongly strongly prefer to remain Cobb-only.

Just my personal opinion on your list. Cobb could come in here and refute everything i'm about to say, but this is how i see it.

(1) Almost certainly not going to happen. That would require external hardware for the Flexfuel sensor to integrate with the DME and then recoding the DME to reference additional sensor output when targeting timing.
(2) Cobb has stated they have no interest in rewriting the DME for boost targeting. IMHO load targeting is a better(if not easier) means of tuning anyway.
(3) Definitely a possibility. IIRC Cobb has actually been working on flipping the DME WG control logic. I have no idea how much progress they've made though.
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