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Ive fitted an EGR delete, fitted for 16000 mile plus now.
Never had an EML, fault code or anything.

I've also checked the MAF operation, replaced all the vacuum hoses, smoked tested the car too, and NO air leaks.
The cars running the latest firmware, recently updated by Astle BMW, thats every module on the car. (independently confirmed)

My car run's a DTUK CRD-T tuning box, returning 340bhp 510lbs ft, so the ECU hasn't been adjusted in anyway from factory !

If you take a picture of your EGR (remove engine cover) and post it here i'll confirm which kit you need.

It should be this :

but like i say, post a picture and i'll confirm.

I cannot confirm or deny if it will bring your EML on, but i've fitted three of these to the 35d engine, two on the 30d engine and a couple of 25d's now, none have produced an EML, but maybe i've just got lucky

Hope this helps

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