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It's a very different way to drive the car at it's limits. You have allot more exit speed/potential but with some care and taking notice of simple hints the car is telling you. I did sub-frame bushings and swaybar (not sure if you did). But the car's allot more oversteer happy, nothing uncontrollable just have to pay attention to it.
This is why I'm not doing the rear sway bars. The difference between our F/R sways, and the M3's is not that much at all. Like the rumors on here have it, the rear sways increase oversteer.

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If you go into a corner too hot, and feels like the car's drifting out (understeering on you), it's a great sense of control, tapping the throttle and having the car rotate. With an open diff, I could never manage to do this, it'll just spin the inside wheel as you know.

When you're at the apex, or just before, you'll feel the difference in throttle input right away and power to the ground. Car actually glides through those apexes now, it really is something to experience from the Open diff side.
I saw the differences, when I watched your before, and after vids on PBIR. Wavetrac truely is the best LSD for our cars. I can't wait to put mine in, and hit the track. Mine goes in on the 4th of march, and my first track day is on April 7th. I don't know if I can wait that long though!

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With those miles and if you have the parts, might as well. However, all I did was order the Diff and Axle seals. According to Fred at ER that's all I needed and he seems have been right
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