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Originally Posted by S114HED View Post
Well your a knob for paying that much! That's if you really did, or if you got it on finance or if you only got it the other day. You can be James Bond on the Internet, and I can lie and say I bought a 12 plate M3, but it ain't going to help any of us. Just saying....
Hey i was offering real help regarding insurance !! if you can't take a joke before then p1ss off.

Lie about what? well if i bougtht the car today then yes i am a fool but this was 2 and half year ago when my car was 2 years old-ish when i bought it. have you ever heard of depreciation??I can afford a car without waiting for 5 years to depreciate til peanut money. Guess it's time to change car with e92 being affordable to even more chavy monkeys.
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