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Originally Posted by Rob318 View Post
Wrong - the OP wanted a 320i. YOU lot told him he NEEDED something more than that. So now you're comparing his budget against what you think he needs.
I didn't say he needs a 335i. i am merely saying you can't be picky if you don't have the money. beggars can't be chooser's . Enough said.

OP join and ask about the realibility of 320i

Alot of member here offer him advise and taking into consideration this is a lot of money for A 22year old.

Op make it sound like it's his dream car.

OP doesn't listen to negative feedback and only listen to positive crap.

OP wants alot of car with a very low budget.

I joke about a few things. OP got mad and call me liar

OP says he can afford my car and devalue my car , yes its worth peanuts now but that doesn't change the fact i paid that amount of money for it.

I told OP how similar i was when i was 23 and saving up money to buy MY DREAM CAR which i think he is in the same path as when i did.

If OP wants to hear that 320i is good,realible and it's the CAR for him and he will pull so many girls in that sexy ass car or whatever he wants to hear then so be it.

i just hope one day he will correct us all wrong not the other way round.

Good luck with buying your car.
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