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I purchased the tire protection from another dealership $425 or so.

ended up hitting hole at the mall and it cause a bubble... the warranty people covered the replacement tire 100% no problems... just paperwork BS....

now the 2nd time i rode over a highway reflector and it F'd my car up. punctured the rim& tire (quarter size hole). they tire warranty company dicked around with the paperwork twice as much and ended up screwing me out of 100% of the replacement cost of the tire/rim and balance work... they ended up paying 60% or so stating.... "in their computer the tire...wheel was worth $168 and $250" . The rim was ordered direct from the dealer $450 or so.

still i came out ahead and would buy it again for expensive runflat tires with the propensity to bubble. but for regular NON runflat tires ... naw.

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