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Originally Posted by Yoro35i View Post
Hey i was offering real help regarding insurance !! if you can't take a joke before then p1ss off.

Lie about what? well if i bougtht the car today then yes i am a fool but this was 2 and half year ago when my car was 2 years old-ish when i bought it. have you ever heard of depreciation??I can afford a car without waiting for 5 years to depreciate til peanut money. Guess it's time to change car with e92 being affordable to even more chavy monkeys.
You bought a 28k 335i when you were 21.

One of two three things has happened:

Silver spoon and arse - Nuff said OR

You live a home with your mum on the insurance OR

You are in debt up to the eyeballs - at that age guarantored by your folks.

People have different priorities - accept that. He might be 'able to afford' something else by making othe sacrifices tha don't appeal.