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Originally Posted by Cheesegeezer View Post
makkan...... You legend!!! (Why are there no "Thanks" buttons or Rep buttons on here)I have been downloading the manuals for everything, just not got round to reading them all and only glanced over the 80PRS one. I should have RTFM to understand better. (Slap on the wrist for me!!)

Well that will save me a few quid on selecting my amps. I have chosen the Pioneer PRS D420s as my 4ch amps then.

Makkan, do you have a "build thread" at all for your install/trails, would be interesting to see your progress.

Cheers for info..... I'm off to do some reading now!!

Problem is that I keep changing things around.
I have not started my active build yet (would be mak's stage 3 sound system), but it will be pretty much what I have mentioned above.

Also, when you get P80RS, make sure that you update its firmware as new firmware was out few days ago.

I really want P80RS, but I am not sure how much I would gain compared to BMW OEM HU, so started with 88PRS.

I am still waiting for few bits and bobs.

Re: amps, which ever you go for, please make sure that they should be quality amps, otherwise you will not get max out of going active. One example is that if your amps is to produce 20Khz, that means 20K vibrations / secs and just think, how hard is it for amp and a driver.